About Us

Remapping An Old Route


There is a hidden potential of lost, left alone infrastructures, far from the predominant urban environment. there is a (sort of) DIY haven, a local spot for skaters, on what we ponder upon. (Because), we are able to improvise and optimize every single part of sub/urban reality. We see these spots which sprung up under bridges, as well as old bits of concrete in randomness, as a series of tactile spaces we want to conquer. Remapping is thus an act of redefining, taking over. Remapping means provoking new narratives of moving, pushing the limits of space with skating. It is more in the route than the spot itself, for a skater to find his own personal skate haven.

 Remapping An Old Route is a sub-label of Waxfeather, following the process to each Waxfeather issue, putting up left over images/artwork and translate them to a printed zine.